2010 Babies
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We take pride in raising our babies in hopes that they will become our future stars or perhaps yours!


2010 Babies

 Wimpy's Little Step x Dazzling Top Gun - **He is here!

Gunner x Bar S Doc's Gay Bar - **She is here!

Mark This Spot x Dun It With A Rooster- ** He is here!

Easy Otie Whiz x Sheza Beautiful Chic- **She is here!

Colonels Lone Gun x DA Steady Chex- ** She is here!

Banjo Whiz x Joes Two Eyed Stinger- ** She is here!

Gunner x Sheza Beauty Too- **She is here!

Colonels Lone Gun x Smokin Chic- **He is here!

Blue Spark Olena x Chic's Holiday- **He is here!